Regular Projects is the name we give to volunteering opportunities that happen on a weekly basis. Every regular project has at least one weekly sessions which you can attend, so just pick whatever day and time suits you best. Just because it runs weekly doesn't mean you have to attend weekly, you could simply pop by once or try a different project each week!


There are fifteen regular projects overall and they cover almost every interest you could have: art, animals, coding, the environment… We’ve got it all! Absolutely no prior experience is needed for any of the projects.


Ten of our regular projects exclusively go into schools, both primary and secondary, to lead hour long sessions with children. Whether it’s teaching maths, learning about ancient Egypt or erupting papier-mâché volcanos, volunteers enjoy spending time with kids and having some time away from the scary and sometimes stressful world of grown-ups. Due to current Government Restrictions, alternative sessions are offered until schools reopen for volunteering projects.


Two of our regular projects visit care homes to spend time with elderly residents and although care homes are known for their peace & tranquillity, it can get pretty wild when our volunteers attend. Singing, dancing, pancake flipping… These are just some of the things that regularly go on inside these projects. Due to current Government Restrictions, alternative sessions are offered until care homes reopen for any visitors. You can still help to decrease social isolation by participating in these projects.


However, if people (old or young) aren’t your thing, then we have regular projects which go into animal sanctuaries and even Colchester Zoo! There is a regular project for everyone and all costs are covered, material and travel. So what are you waiting for?


If you want to take on the role of Session Leader, drop us a message here.


*Once you are register please bear with us and our wonderful volunteers will get in touch explaining their sessions. All regular projects start from the 18th October and we hope to send messages to all volunteers that sign up by 11th October.

Animal Protection Regular Project

Do you love animals and want to help them have a better life? Join Animal Protection! WHEN? Wednesdays 10AM-1PM & Saturdays 10AM-12PM.

Art Club Regular Project

Want to get artsy and give back to the community? Join Art Club! Sessions TBC

Coding Club Regular Project

Do you want to spread the joy of coding and learn kids a useful skill? Join Coding Club! Sessions TBC

Einstein Regular Project

Love crazy experiments? Fancy yourself a bit of a mad scientist? Then get ready for Einstein. Sessions TBC

Lend a Hand Regular Project

Want to give something back? You can help out people from a disadvantaged background to improve their basic literacy and numeracy skills and help them improve their life. Join us! WHEN? Saturdays 10:20-15:00

Lingo Regular Project

Do you speak Spanish, French or German? Want to help local schools or practise a second language yourself? Then join Lingo! Sessions TBC

Numbers Regular Project

Do you think Maths is the bee’s knees? Want to help kids learn in a fun way? This is the project for you.

Photography and Film Club Regular Project

Love to walk, enjoy nature and taking and editing photos? Want to put it in the good use? Join Photography! Sessions TBC

Poetic Legacies

We bring creative fulfilment to people receiving end of life care

Refugee Teaching Programme (RTP) Regular Project

We teach English to refugees and help them adapt to the UK. If you want to get involved in this fantastic cause, apply now. Sessions TBC

Regular Project Training and Workshop

Explore volunteering and Training

Teaching Assistants Regular Project

If you’re looking to gain valuable teaching experience, then this is the project for you! No previous skills needed. Sessions TBC

Trivia Travellers Regular Project

Join Trivia Travellers and hold fun quiz sessions for local care home residents! WHEN? Tuesdays, 10AM or 2.30PM.

Wellbeing Ambassadors Regular Project

Care about mental health and community wellbeing? Become one of our Ambassadors! Sessions TBC