Poetic Legacies Regular Project

Welcome to Poetic Legacies! 

We are an online and in-person volunteer project who create and publish poems with a sense of purpose!

Each term, our poems are collated into an anthology and shared with partner organisations. This term (Autumn 2022) we are partnering with a local hospice so poems will be shared with staff, patients and their families.   

Group sessions are based on different themes and are run twice per month, one in person and one online. The sessions provide poetic guidance and prompts that volunteers can explore in a collaborative, social and friendly environment. 

Students who are not able to attend the sessions are still welcome to contribute poems to the anthology – just email them to ‘VTeam’ with ‘Poetic Legacies’ in the title. You can log volunteering hours for this too – result!

Videos explaining different poetic styles are coming soon – feel free to use them!      


When: Twice a month, online and in person!
Duration: 1 hour per session
Transport provided: No
Event on Colchester Campus: Yes

    Academic year 22/23 | Aug 1st 2022 - Jul 31st 2023 |