Art Club Regular Project

As the name suggests, this project is about getting artsy. Art Club proves that arts and crafts are not only a hobby but a powerful tool to help other people express themselves.

This term our sessions focus on providing wellbeing and mindfulness-oriented art sessions to adults with learning disabilities and/or autism at a day centre in Colchester.

It’s not just the people that receive our help that have a lot to gain from these sessions, volunteers also benefit from the joy of  getting crafty, as it is a proven stress-buster as well as a tool for getting your creative side running.

Perhaps you’re lacking inspiration for your next piece of coursework or the thought alone is driving you mad, our sessions are exactly what you need to give yourself a boost and help others in the meantime ! :)


Sessions are every Thursday from 10AM to 12PM.

Transport provided: Yes

    Academic Year 2021/22 | Aug 1st 2021 - Jul 31st 2022 |