Coding Club Regular Project

Coding club will help kids learn the basics of coding and IT. Nowadays, almost every aspect of life involves technology, and many employers see coding as an essential skill. We use Python to code, but we are flexible and accommodating to any coding knowledge. In the years before we supported International Coding Week through a variety of projects. We truly believe that anyone can code if they have someone to push them to be better, so we want to be the ones to push these kids and make them realise coding is not only beneficial, but fun!


You don't need to be an expert, but some basic knowledge of coding is essential, preferably with Python. If you're unsure whether your knowledge is sufficient, feel free to email and we will pass your query onto the committee.  


SESSIONS ON WEDNESDAY AFTERNOONS! For more details, sign up and the comms officer will contact you. 

Transport provided: Yes

    Academic Year 2021/22 | Aug 1st 2021 - Jul 31st 2022 |