Einstein Regular Project

What do dish soap, bicarbonate of soda, ketchup and pennies have in common? They can all be used as part of a fun science experiment! Einstein is all about getting primary-aged kids excited about science. Einstein makes science fun and entertaining. Our volunteers create interactive and engaging experiments for kids using simple household items and ingredients. The sessions consist of a general introduction and then individual lessons on Biology, Chemistry and Physics. Weekly projects span from erupting ‘volcanos’ to making ‘lava lamps’. We can assure you, it’s not only kids who find these experiments awesome, you’ll find your inner Einstein and enjoy them as well!


Sessions take place in a local primary school and all transport is provided by VTeam from campus and back.


SESSIONS: Wednesdays. Register below to find out how to book onto sessions.

Transport provided: Yes

    Academic year 23/24 | Aug 1st 2023 - Jul 31st 2024 |