Lend a Hand Regular Project

Lend a Hand regular project has a big impact on the community and has been given an award by Braintree District two years in a row. Our volunteers work with adults who may have mild learning difficulties or perhaps had to quit school at an early age and are looking for a second chance. That's where we come in! We work one on one to give them tutoring in basic literacy and numeracy skills, and in any other skills related to self-improvement. Lend a Hand is for those who are truly looking to make a difference in someone’s life. Over time, students can see the regular attendees grow in confidence and become happier individuals. This project is for everyone, but particularly for those that don’t shy away from a challenge and who have a big heart.



Saturdays - 10:20-14:00 (including transport), at First Stop Centre Braintree

Transport provided: Yes

    Academic Year 2021/22 | Aug 1st 2021 - Jul 31st 2022 |