Trivia Travellers Regular Project

Trivia Travellers travel back in time to World War II, the animal kingdom or even ancient Egypt to deliver the best quizzes to the lovely care home residents. We brighten the day of these people by bringing this fun quiz activity to them. And we secure a themed gift for whoever the winner of the day is (who knows, we might even surprise them with confetti-for-all)! From animals to history to general knowledge, our quizzes bring the fun these residents need while also tingling their brains a bit. Trust us, this is the activity everyone enjoys! And there is simply no better view than seeing these wonderful care home residents smiling and enjoying their time. Whether you fancy yourself a quiz host or just enjoy doing the behind-the-scenes research, this project is a sure way of doing something different.




Every Tuesday

- one week 10AM

-  one week 2.30PM

When: Thursdays
Duration: 1 hour
Transport provided: Yes

    Academic Year 2021/22 | Aug 1st 2021 - Jul 31st 2022 |