Welcome to our brand-new section for online volunteering opportunities. This page has been created out of demand for opportunities that students can perform remotely. We can all agree that COVID-19 sucks, big time, but that’s not enough to get VTeam down. When the going gets tough, the tough get going; so we are bringing volunteering opportunities to you!

If you’re currently thinking something along the lines of: “what’s the point of volunteering? Now is the perfect time to wrap myself up like a burrito and go into hibernation.”, then you’re wrong and here’s why:
  • Volunteering is the perfect way to keep morale high and feel proactive during these tempestuous times. It shows courage and community amidst social isolation.
  • Helping others is great for your mental health. It stimulates your mind, encourages the release of feel-good hormones and distracts us from negative thoughts.
  • Other groups and communities still need help, some more than ever before.
  • Online volunteer experience will impress future employers more than the amount of Netflix series you got through during isolation. It shows resilience and ingenuity, something that you can definitely boast about in future job interviews. These hours can be logged towards your Big Essex and other volunteering awards.
  • You may even find it fun!

Whatever the reasons behind choosing to volunteer with us, we’re very happy that you’re here and we welcome you with open, disinfected arms (from a distance of 2 metres of course).

Most opportunities advertised on this page are national or international campaigns; however, if you like to support your local community with some more active volunteering please register your interest here or fill up this survey and we will link you to those when available

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