Partners and Memberships is owned and developed by Olivedon Limited. Olivedon is a technology focused business in the graduate recruitment and employability services sector.

We look to partner with organisations that can:

  • improve our market understanding and influence
  • add value to our Gradintelligence services
  • help us to better engage with our customers
  • benefit our talent pool

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Tribal Group

Tribal has provided market-leading learning and development solutions for over 20 years.
Tribal is an education support services company and market leader in the higher education sector.

Tribal's SITS:Vision technology is used by over 60% of UK universities and manages the student administrative processes from enquiries through to graduation and alumni and acts as the central point of information on students and their qualifications.

The system integrates with supporting applications such as campus access and attendance, library systems, estates management, human resource systems and virtual learning access.

The new Gradintelligence service delivered in partnership with Olivedon integrates with any student management systems to help all UK universities deliver on the HEAR and employability support projects.
Tribal can help universities to:

  • deliver secure electronic documents, including the HEAR
  • transform the efficiency of the graduate recruitment process
  • deliver innovative matching services to support employer engagement with the talent pool
  • deliver real-time market intelligence to help drive improvements in graduate employability
  • improve university-business relationships
  • develop new postgraduate recruitment pipelines

For further information, please visit their website

The Higher Education Academy

The Higher Education Academy (HEA) and Gradintelligence entered into a Cooperation Agreement for the support and development of the Higher Education Achievement Report.

The agreement commenced in 2014 and covers the following development areas:

  • the promotion of the adoption of the HEAR in those HE Institutions in the UK that have not already adopted the HEAR
  • the joint development of research projects based on Gradintelligence data from the HEAR
  • the sharing of statistical information relating to the use of the HEAR by HEIs in the UK
  • joint marketing initiatives to increase awareness of the HEAR within stakeholder groups, including but not limited to; students, graduates, employers, HEIs, sector skills councils, employer representative bodies and the Department for Business, Innovation & Skills
  • working jointly with HEI users of the HEAR (both established and prospective), to promote best practice
  • to promote the use of Gradintelligence HEAR data by employers in respect of internships and permanent placements
  • marketing of the HEAR on each Parties websites through, but not limited to, video content and success stories.

For further information about the Higher Education Academy, please visit their website


Olivedon is a technology focused business in the graduate recruitment and employability services sector. Our mission is to transform the efficiency of the transition from higher education to work or further study, serving three main customer groups.

Students, graduates and alumni
Olivedon provides students, graduates and alumni of partner universities with HEAR and document services. We also provide personal employability profiles, online assessments and opportunity matching services to help our users to get connected to well qualified and interesting opportunities.

Universities and colleges
On behalf of universities and colleges, we produce and manage official documents, e-transcripts, degree certificates and the HEAR and provide associated online document services to their students, graduates and alumni.
We also provide an integrated software system to support improved graduate employability - including support for university careers services and academic departments in delivering opportunity matching services and agency services on behalf of recruiters.
Our technology delivers improved business relationship management and enables new online services to support improved employability and alumni engagement.
Olivedon has licenced Tribal to be its exclusive distributor of the software to universities and colleges.

We make it easier for employers and other opportunity providers to recruit well qualified candidates for their graduate-level opportunities.

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Quo Vadis

Founded in 1999, QuoVadis is a leading global certification authority.

QuoVadis works with Olivedon/Gradintelligence to provide advanced digital signature solutions to support the secure distribution and online verification of official documents, including the Higher Education Achievement Report, degree certificates and references.

QuoVadis is independently audited for compliance to key international standards for its security processes and infrastructure. This includes accreditation as a Qualified Certification Services Provider (CSP) along with the WebTrust seals for Certification Authorities and Extended Validation.

For further information, please visit their website

Korn Ferry Hay Group

Korn Ferry Hay Group is an innovative developer of online psychometric assessments and provides training and consultancy to support an array of talent and recruitment challenges.

Designed specifically for online delivery and after extensive trials in the graduate sector, the Gradintelligence psychometric assessments can be relied upon by recruiters to give objective measures of ability and personality.

Korn Ferry Hay Group provides Talent Q Assessment Systems - online psychometric assessments, careers guidance and development reports integral to

For further information about Talent Q Assessment Systems from Korn Ferry Hay Group, please visit their website

AFD Software

AFD provide high quality postcode management, geo demographic and diversity data to support Gradintelligence customers with their diversity and widening participation initiatives.

For further information about AFD Software, please go to their website