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Online access to verified student documents and achievement data

Gradintelligence is an established, market-leading provider of software, producing digitally secure and verified documents to the Higher Education sector. At the heart of Gradintelligence is the Higher Education Achievement Report - the HEAR which has the potential to transform the journey from higher education into work or further study and support improved university-business relationships.

Gradintelligence is proud to be the UK's largest supplier of HEAR hosting and management services. We implement and support our HE solutions through a strategic partnership with Tribal Education. We also have a cooperation agreement with the Higher Education Academy in support of the HEAR and its deployment across all UK HE institutions. Our significant experience within the Higher Education Sector allows us to help universities leverage substantial value when issuing their credentials digitally, by uniquely supporting their students and graduates in the transition to work or further study.

For more information on the HEAR, please visit the official website or watch this video introducing the HEAR.

If you're interested in hearing more about what Gradintelligence has to offer your institution, please contact us:

Connecting students and graduates with the best opportunities

We use our wealth of verified data to connect students and recent graduates with employment and further study opportunities. Our service helps universities to market their talent pool more effectively and provides recruiters with a simple and efficient way to identify and engage with high potential students and graduates.

Employers and recruiters are given access to a powerful matching engine allowing them to create highly specific candidate profiles to target for opportunities. Our matching engine then connects the ‘best fit’ candidates with targeted opportunities via personalised online and mobile communications. Students can then use the streamlined application process to apply for the opportunity.

Innovative employability services

Our matching engine can help University Careers Services to develop innovative employability services by integrating their established services with our technology to improve student employment prospects and maximise student potential. University Careers Services can utilise our service to improve relationships with employers by connecting them with their university talent pool. It also strengthens Careers Services’ engagement with the undergraduate student population, enhancing both the experience and the employability potential of their students.

An innovative new service designed to transform the transition to postgraduate study and research

Graduate Choices offers a smarter, more efficient alternative to traditional postgraduate recruitment approaches. This on-demand digital marketing service uses the gradintel.com pioneering technology and talent pool to match and connect university marketing and recruitment teams to the most suitable candidates for their programmes and events. Uniquely, the Graduate Choices service enables pin-point targeting using university verified academic and achievement data (the HEAR) combined with wider skills and experience data to identify and engage a well-qualified talent pipeline for postgraduate recruitment.

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