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Complete and submit your application form within 10 minutes

When you are matched to an opportunity, details of the organisation and the role will be posted to your Gradintelligence account. Now it's over to you: review the opportunity details, check your personal profile is up-to-date, answer the short application questions, and submit your application in just a few clicks. There's no need to upload a CV or write a cover letter!

Using your verified higher education credentials

Through partnerships with universities we can provide online access to your official achievement record. This can be shared securely with any employer, university or other third party as a verified record of your achievements in higher education.
Using Gradintelligence, you can access your records as they develop throughout your studies and share them securely with any third party.
If your university isn't one of our partners, don't worry, you won't miss out! Register with us and build a strong personal profile to get matched to the best career and further study opportunities.

Connecting you to relevant opportunities

Our aim is to connect you with the opportunities that are best suited and interesting to you. Tired of the laborious application-writing process? Our matching approach means that rather than looking for employers and hoping they will notice you, employers target you based on your suitability for the role and fit with their organisation. Our matching algorithms are intelligent - you will only be contacted if you meet the requirements of the opportunity - ensuring that the time invested in applying for the role will be time well spent.

Build your profile to showcase your achievements, ability, skills and experience

Your personal profile acts as an extended version of your CV, where you can articulate your achievements, abilities, skills and experiences. The more information you enter into the system, the more tailored your opportunity matches will be. You can also control the types of opportunities you are targeted for, from full-time roles to internships to further study. This gives our system an even clearer picture of what you're looking for, enabling us to provide you with the best opportunity matching service possible.

We help you prepare for interviews and assessment centres

We provide all registered student and graduate users with free access to a suite of sophisticated online assessments. Over 70% of large recruiters use similar test instruments during the recruitment process. These ability tests are great practice for assessment centres and the personality questionnaire will provide you with personalised feedback to help you prepare for interviews. Our employers often target students and graduates based on ability and personality fit, so your assessment results are also a great way to increase your chances of getting matched with opportunities.

Activate or register your account
If your university is one of our partners, you will receive an email with an activation link to set up your account. If your university is not a partner, don't you worry! You can register with us quickly and easily here.
Build your personal profile
Take the time to build your personal profile, and think of it as an extended version of your CV. You can enter academic credentials, skills, abilities and previous experience that will set you apart from other candidates. Remember, if you are registered by your university, all of your verified academic data will update your profile automatically.
Set your preferences
You can control what graduate opportunities you are targeted for by selecting what type of opportunities you're looking for, the location, duration, salary and more.
Take our online assessments
Have a shot at our free Personality Questionnaire and our Numerical, Verbal and Logical Reasoning Ability tests to practice for assessment centres and to improve your chances of being matched to opportunities.
Get 'tagged'
Receive an email and text from matched employers or universities who want you to apply for their job or postgraduate study opportunity.
Review the opportunity information within your account and apply within 10 minutes - it's as easy as that.

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I found the process of Gradintelligence really easy to use - the "tagging" process is nice as it means you're not being sent 10 emails a day for irrelevant jobs but ones that are actually tailored to you. The application process was straightforward and gave lots of information about the employer before the interview process, which was helpful.
Prudence, hired by HEA
Studied Sociology with Specialism in Social Policy
I found the entire process really helpful and easy. I am really glad that I signed up with Gradintelligence during the last few month of university or else I may still be looking for employment. The "tagging" method that Gradintelligence utilise is very helpful to introduce you to jobs that you may have not found before or did not consider before.
Danny, hired by Ubisoft
Studied Games Development
Once I had set up my account to a basic level, personal details as well as my Higher Education Achievement Report were automatically linked from my University, which made an immediate impact without having to provide yet more information for online recruitment. The whole process was made quite effortless by Gradintelligence and I would recommend it to any graduate.
Adam, hired by R.K. Burt & Company Ltd.
Studied Design for Industry