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Welcome to Gradintelligence

'Students & Graduates'

Gradintelligence puts individuals in control of their education data and enables them to showcase their verified achievements, support their personal development and connect with matched opportunities for further study and employment.

Employers & Recruiters

Graduate recruiters, media buyers and university postgraduate marketing teams use our matching engine to identify and target high quality candidate for their opportunities.

Education Providers

Gradintelligence is a trusted provider of digital credential software and employability solutions within the Higher Education sector.

About Gradintelligence

Transforming the journey from study to employment or further learning, Gradintelligence supports students, higher education institutions and businesses to use verified digital credentials for improved outcomes and employability. Founded in 2007, the business is a recognised market leader and now supports over 2.1 million users, with annual growth exceeding 25%.

The Gradintelligence technology integrates with any student management system to enable universities to engage with their students to deliver comprehensive verified digital credentials, personal development pathways to employment and precision opportunity matching for employment or further study.